100 Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines (Funny, Dirty & Cheesy)

Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines

Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines: Are you looking to add a touch of Titan-sized charm to your day? Look no further! “Attack on Titan” fans with a penchant for humor have ingeniously crafted a collection of pick-up lines that blend the epic world of Titans with a dash of flirtatious fun.

These creative lines playfully integrate the series’ characters and themes, offering a unique way to break the ice. Whether you’re aiming to catch someone’s attention or simply want to share a laugh with fellow fans, these lines provide a playful bridge between the world of colossal battles and the quest for companionship.

Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you Eren’s determination? Because you’ve captured my heart and won’t let go.
  2. Are you a Scout Regiment member? Because I’d follow you anywhere.
  3. Are you Levi’s cleaning skills? Because you’ve swept me off my feet.
  4. Is your name Mikasa? Because you’re the only one I’d protect with all my might.
  5. Are you a Titan shifter? Because my heart transforms whenever I see you.
  6. Are you the Walls? Because you’re my stronghold in this chaotic world.
  7. Is your smile as bright as the sun breaking through the clouds over Paradis Island?
  8. Are you Armin’s intelligence? Because you’ve ignited a fire of curiosity within me.
  9. Is your love as rare as finding a Titan inside the walls?
  10. Are you Sasha’s appetite? Because you’ve got me hungry for more of your company.
  11. Are you the Colossal Titan? Because you’ve left a colossal impression on me.
  12. Is your laughter as contagious as Jean’s frustration?
  13. Are you the Beast Titan? Because you’ve unleashed the wild side of my emotions.
  14. Are you the Survey Corps? Because I’d risk it all to explore the depths of your heart.
  15. Are you Historia’s grace? Because you’ve become the queen of my thoughts.
  16. Is your presence as powerful as Eren’s Founding Titan?
  17. Are you Hange’s enthusiasm? Because you’ve sparked a scientific curiosity in me.
  18. Are you the Garrison? Because you’re the foundation of stability in my life.
  19. Is your touch as gentle as a Scout patch sewn by Armin?
  20. Are you Reiner’s armor? Because you’ve protected my feelings from harm.
  21. Is your beauty as ethereal as Ymir’s transformation?
  22. Are you the ODM gear? Because you’ve propelled me into a new realm of emotions.
  23. Is your love as unbreakable as the bond between Eren and Mikasa?
  24. Are you the Ackerman lineage? Because you’ve awakened my deepest affections.
  25. Is your heart as vast as the sea beyond the walls?
  26. Are you Erwin’s leadership? Because you’ve guided my heart into uncharted territories.
  27. Are you the Beast Titan’s scream? Because you’ve shattered the silence in my world.
  28. Is your loyalty as unwavering as Connie’s friendship?
  29. Are you the Garrison gate? Because you’re the entrance to my heart’s sanctuary.
  30. Is your gaze as piercing as Levi’s judgment?
  31. Are you the Underground Chapel? Because you hold the secrets to my heart.
  32. Is your love as pure as Historia’s kindness?
  33. Are you the Wall Cult’s devotion? Because you’re my newfound religion.
  34. Is your embrace as warm as a campfire beneath the stars?
  35. Are you the Colossal Titan’s smoke? Because you’ve clouded my mind with desire.
  36. Is your courage as inspiring as Armin’s transformation?
  37. Are you the Survey Corps cloak? Because you’ve wrapped me in your love’s protection.
  38. Is your laughter as contagious as Sasha’s love for food?
  39. Are you the basement’s mystery? Because I’m eager to explore the depths of your heart.
  40. Is your touch as reassuring as Mikasa’s presence in times of danger?
  41. Are you the sky above the Walls? Because you’ve expanded my horizons.
  42. Is your heart as determined as Eren’s resolve to free humanity?
  43. Are you the ocean beyond the Walls? Because you hold uncharted depths within you.
  44. Is your love as boundless as the Titans’ existence?
  45. Are you the stars that shine over Paradis Island? Because you light up my world.
  46. Is your strength as unyielding as Annie’s titan form?
  47. Are you the Training Corps bell? Because you’ve rung in a new chapter of my life.
  48. Is your wisdom as vast as Hange’s knowledge of titans?
  49. Are you the world beyond the Walls? Because I want to explore it with you.
  50. Is your embrace as comforting as a blanket in the Scout barracks?
  51. Are you the night sky over Trost? Because you’ve painted my dreams with wonder.
  52. Is your love as enduring as the Eldian history?
  53. Are you the Training Corps oath? Because I pledge my heart to you.
  54. Is your laughter as cheerful as Sasha’s after a hearty meal?
  55. Are you the key to my heart, unlocking secrets only you can understand?
  56. Is your presence as reassuring as Erwin’s speeches before battle?
  57. Are you the paths that connect our hearts across time and space?
  58. Is your love as unbreakable as the crystal cave Annie rested in?
  59. Are you the stars that Mikasa sees in Eren’s eyes?
  60. Is your strength as unwavering as Levi’s loyalty to his comrades?
  61. Are you the apple of my eye, like the one Sasha stole?
  62. Is your wisdom as sharp as Armin’s strategic mind?
  63. Are you the serenity within the Walls, amidst chaos?
  64. Is your heart as fierce as Mikasa’s protection of Eren?
  65. Are you the gear that keeps my emotions moving forward?
  66. Is your love as deep as the Titans’ history?
  67. Are you the roses that Historia nurtured in secret?
  68. Is your courage as unyielding as Eren’s determination to be free?
  69. Are you the freedom beyond the Walls that we both seek?
  70. Is your presence as calming as the rivers within Wall Rose?
  71. Are you the thread that weaves our destinies together?
  72. Is your love as unbreakable as Reiner’s resolve to fulfill his mission?
  73. Are you the stormy seas that mirror the depths of my emotions?
  74. Is your laughter as infectious as Connie’s jokes?
  75. Are you the shared dream of a world without walls?
  76. Is your heart as vast as the lands outside the Walls?
  77. Are you the symbol of hope, like the Scout Regiment’s wings?
  78. Is your love as enduring as the Eldian people’s legacy?
  79. Are you the unity among the 104th Training Corps?
  80. Is your presence as warming as the fires in Trost during the winter?
  81. Are you the promise of a future beyond fear?
  82. Is your courage as unflinching as Mikasa’s resolve to protect?
  83. Are you the shared vision of a world free from Titans’ terror?
  84. Is your love as boundless as the sky above us?
  85. Are you the strength that keeps my heart beating?
  86. Is your laughter as joyful as the camaraderie among the Scouts?
  87. Are you the hidden truth waiting to be discovered?
  88. Is your heart as unbreakable as the Walls that shield us?
  89. Are you the solace I find within these pages of fiction?
  90. Is your love as enduring as the history of Marley and Eldia?
  91. Are you the light that guides me through the darkest of times?
  92. Is your courage as resolute as Levi’s in the face of danger?
  93. Are you the beacon of hope in a world of uncertainty?
  94. Is your presence as comforting as the moon over Wall Maria?
  95. Are you the bond that connects us like paths in the coordinate?
  96. Is your love as fierce as the battle against the Titans?
  97. Are you the answer to the mysteries that dwell within?
  98. Is your laughter as contagious as a Scout’s determination?
  99. Are you the melody that plays in my heart, like a song of freedom?
  100. Is your love as infinite as the universe beyond the Walls?

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