110 BTS Pick Up Lines (Funny, Cheesy, Cool)

BTS Pick Up Lines

If you’re a fan of K-pop, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of BTS, the seven-member South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm.

With their catchy music, impressive dance moves, and charming personalities, it’s no wonder that BTS has become one of the most popular acts in the music industry.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to flirt with one of these talented idols? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the best BTS pick up lines to help you woo your crush and show off your ARMY pride.

So get ready to swoon and let’s dive in!

Top 10 BTS Pick Up Lines

1. “If I were Jin’s ‘Epiphany’, you’d be the reason why I believe in true love.”

2. Are you Jungkook? Because I could get lost in your eyes forever.

3. “Do you have V’s box smile? Because it’s impossible not to smile back at you.”

4. “Are you V’s art skills? Because you’re a masterpiece.”

5. “Are you Jungkook’s Golden Maknae skills? Because you’re talented in every way.”

6. Are you BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”? Because I’d do anything to have you.

7. Are you BTS? Because you light up my world like nobody else.

8. “Are you Jimin’s stage presence? Because you’re captivating.”

9. “Are you Jimin’s high note? Because you give me chills.”

10. “Can I be your ‘Serendipity’ and bring some happiness into your life?”

Kpop Pick Up Lines

11. “Can I be your ‘Boy With Luv’ and take you out on a date?”

12. “Do you want to come over and listen to BTS albums with me on vinyl?”

13. Are you BTS’s “Fake Love”? Because I could never fake my love for you.

14. Are you BTS’s “Mic Drop”? Because I can’t get you out of my head.

15. Are you BTS’s “Just One Day”? Because one day with you is all I need.

16. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Magic Shop’ – you make all my worries disappear.”

17. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Butter’ – smooth and irresistible.”

18. “Are you RM’s dimples? Because they’re just as charming as you.”

19. Are you BTS’s “Dynamite”? Because you make everything feel alright.

20. Are you BTS’s “ON”? Because I want to be with you forever.

Funny BTS Pick Up Lines

21. “Are you Jungkook’s microphone? Because I want you to be close to my lips.”

22. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ – explosive and unforgettable.”

23. “I must be a BTS fan because I can’t get enough of you.”

24. “I must be a BTS ARMY because I’m loyal to you.”

25. Are you BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”? Because I’d give everything for you.

26. “Are you J-Hope’s dimples? Because they light up my day.”

27. “Are you BTS’s dance practice room? Because I want to spend hours with you perfecting our moves.”

28. “Are you Jimin’s vocal range? Because you’re hitting all the right notes for me.”

29. “Do you have the same heart as Suga? Because it’s pure gold.”

30. “If I were BTS, I’d want you to be my ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’.”

31. Are you BTS’s “Mikrokosmos”? Because I want to explore the universe with you.

32. “If BTS is the soundtrack to my life, then you’re the love song I’ve been waiting for.”

33. “I must be Jin’s windshield wiper because you’ve got me going back and forth.”

34. Are you BTS’s “I Need U”? Because I need you in my life.

35. Are you BTS’s “Best Of Me”? Because you bring out the best in me.

36. “If I had a BTS album for every time I thought of you, I’d have all their albums.”

37. “I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together like BTS.”

38. Are you BTS’s “Boy With Luv”? Because you make my heart skip a beat.

39. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to show you a BTS music video?”

40. “Are you RM’s verse? Because you’re the perfect addition to my life.”

Dirty BTS Pick Up Lines

41. “Do you want to come over to my place and watch BTS music videos together?”

42. Are you J-Hope? Because you make me feel like I can do anything.

43. “If you were BTS’s ‘Anpanman’, I’d be your hero and always be there for you.”

44. “Can I be your ‘Filter’ and only see you as the most beautiful person in the world?”

45. Are you Jimin? Because you’re a work of art.

46. “I want to be the Jin to your BTS – always there for you and cheering you on.”

47. Are you BTS’s “Black Swan”? Because you’re my muse.

48. Are you BTS’s “Spring Day”? Because I want to spend all my days with you.

49. “Are you Suga’s mixtape? Because I want to listen to you on repeat.”

50. “I must be a BTS lightstick because I light up whenever you’re around.”

51. “Are you RM’s leadership skills? Because I’m following you wherever you go.”

52. “Do you want to come to my place and play ‘Guess the BTS song’?”

53. “If I were BTS’s ‘IDOL’, you’d be the only thing I’d ever worship.”

54. “Are you a BTS member? Because you stole my heart like they stole the spotlight.”

55. “If I were BTS’s ‘Butterfly’, you’d be the only flower that catches my attention.”

56. Are you Jin? Because you’re the center of my world.

57. Are you V? Because you’re my soulmate.

58. Are you BTS’s “I’m Fine”? Because with you, I truly am.

59. “Are you an ARMY? Because you’ve got me ‘Forever Young’.”

60. “Are you J-Hope’s rap skills? Because you’re spitting fire.”

BTS Fan Pick Up Lines

61. “Can I be your ‘Moon’ and shine on you like you shine on me?”

62. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Mic Drop’ – you leave me speechless.”

63. “If you were BTS’s ‘I Need U’, I’d be the only one who can give you what you need.”

64. “If I had to choose between BTS and you, I’d choose you every time.”

65. “If I were a BTS song, I’d be ‘Dynamite’ because you light up my world.”

66. Are you BTS’s “No More Dream”? Because you’re the dream I never knew I had.

67. Are you BTS’s “I Like It”? Because I really, really like you.

68. “Are you J-Hope’s dance skills? Because you’re making my heart skip a beat.”

69. “I’m no BTS member, but I’m willing to go ‘ON’ a date with you.”

70. “If I were BTS’s ‘Run’, I’d run towards you and never look back.”

71. Are you BTS’s “Magic Shop”? Because being with you is like magic.

72. Are you BTS’s “Idol”? Because I worship the ground you walk on.

73. Are you BTS’s “Not Today”? Because today is the day I confess my love for you.

74. Are you Suga? Because you make me feel like I’m in a dream.

75. Are you BTS’s “Fire”? Because you light up my world.

76. “Do you want to come over and make BTS-themed snacks together?”

77. “I want to be the Suga to your BTS – always honest and real with you.”

78. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again like BTS did in ‘Butter’?”

79. “Do you have the same energy as Jungkook on stage? Because I’m feeling electrified.”

80. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Save Me’ – the one who saved me from my loneliness.”

81. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Spring Day’ – beautiful, unforgettable, and worth waiting for.”

82. “Do you want to come over and watch Run BTS! with me?”

83. Are you BTS’s choreography? Because you leave me breathless.

84. “Is your name ‘Spring Day’? Because you make my heart bloom.”

85. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ – worth everything I have.”

Koren BTS Pick Up Lines

86. Are you BTS’s “Butter”? Because you make my heart melt.

87. “I don’t need a ‘DNA’ test to know that we’re meant to be together.”

88. “Are you BTS’s ‘Best Of Me’? Because you bring out the best in me.”

89. “Can I be your ‘Promise’ and always be there for you?”

90. Are you BTS’s “Save Me”? Because I need you to save me from loneliness.

91. Are you BTS’s “Danger”? Because you’re a danger to my heart.

92. “I want to be the V to your BTS – always surprising you and making you smile.”

93. “Can I be your ‘Mikrokosmos’ and create a beautiful world with you?”

94. “Do you have the same style as J-Hope? Because you’re killing it.”

95. “Are you Jimin’s abs? Because I can’t stop staring at you.”

Short BTS Pick Up Lines

96. “I must be Suga’s mixtape because I’m ‘Agust D’ for you.”

97. Are you BTS’s lyrics? Because you speak straight to my heart.

98. Are you a Jin-approved restaurant? Because I could spend all night in your company.

99. “You’re like BTS’s ‘Black Swan’ – mysterious, captivating, and unforgettable.”

100. Are you RM? Because you have all the right words.

101. “If you were a BTS song, you’d be ‘Spring Day’ because you’re beautiful and touching.”

102. “I’d love to get lost in your eyes like Suga gets lost in his music.”

103. Are you BTS’s “Serendipity”? Because meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.

104. Are you BTS’s “Singularity”? Because you’re the only one for me.

105. Are you BTS’s performance? Because you leave me wanting more.

106. Are you BTS’s “Stay Gold”? Because you’re worth more than gold to me.

107. Are you BTS’s “Run”? Because I’ll follow you anywhere.

108. “Can I be your ‘Boy In Luv’ and show you how much I care about you?”

109. Are you BTS’s “Life Goes On”? Because I want to go through life with you.

110. “I must be a BTS song because I can’t stop thinking about you.”

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